How to Get Started/FAQs

What is the first step to start the enrollment process?

Please call us at 636.244.0291 to set up your tour and schedule a Try Out Day. We will take this time to answer any questions you may have, understand the care needs of the participant and review the necessary documentation.

What is a Try Out Day?

A try out day allows the participant to attend our program for a partial day (5 hour max). This allows the participant, family, and staff to “try out” one another and assure our program is the perfect fit for everyone!

What is the time frame my loved one can start after completing their “Try Out” day?

Upon completion of the enrollment packet your loved one should be able to start the same day.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm.

We offer one Social Saturday a month (3rd Saturday)

Do you require a minimum/maximum of hours and/or days for a participant to attend each week?

Yes, we require a minimum of two consistent days per week. This is recommended to establish a routine, and gives your loved one something to look forward to each week. *Routine has been said to reduce anxiety and maintain functional abilities for people with dementia.

How does one pay for Adult Daycare Services?

You may pay Forget Me Not Adult Day Services with private-pay, or long-term care insurance.

*We are currently on the waiting list for the VA and awaiting our approval provider status. However, we are able to take VA on a case by case situation!


Still Have Questions?

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